Since I last wrote anything on this site, which was eleven years ago, in 2006,  a lot has changed.  My idea for the site changed radically from stories just about the crazy quilt hotel,which is now on hold.  But the things I’m working on are keeping to the idea of a craz quilt, which is a quilt made of patchwork pices that don’t create a uniform pattern, in other words it’s a bit of a mad hatter kind of dealing.

I’m now doing and have a host of different ideas for stories in various media and I’ll be posting their progress as I go along.

occasionally I’ll be posting some fun stuff  thoughts on changes in my personal universe as time has acted upon things.

So I hope you’ll check I regularly to see what live written leave a comment, add an idea of your own.  I’ll be posting my Twitter info down the road and more.

Thanks for dropping and stay tuned😉



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