Originally, I chose that title for the blog headline, then I decided no one would know what it meant or would mistake it for something to do with crafts. A crazy quilt is a quilt made up of patches that don’t form a nice coherent pattern. You can have an orange and green polka dot pattern next to a red and white plaid.
I ended up thinking that the crazy quilt hotel title would make a great series for stories, in the vein of space bar filled with quirky aliens and quirkier stories. So stay tuned to this space for the folks who check into the Crazy Quilt Hotel, but don’t necessarily check out.


Well welcome all. This blogging thing is new for me, as I tend to keep my personal thoughts in a journal and share my more public things only with friends. But, my mind is always running so to keep my brain clear I’m going to start sharing my thoughts. I also want to share some of my published fiction and nonfiction as well. At the moment, I’m on http://www.gather.com you can find me under my name Conciere Taylor, while I’m getting set up here at wordpress. At Gather.com I’ll be posting my ‘around the bend in the universe’ thoughts for your edification, amusement, and enjoyment. Feel free to read, comment.